Marla H. Wohlman, M.D.

“I was disabled for 3 years before coming to Dr. Marla H. Wohlman in 2010. I did not have any strength and was unable to work after being a nurse for 26 years. I was extremely weak and could not walk or bathe and stayed in bed 85%-90% of the day. After completing my blood work with Dr. Marla H. Wohlman, I found out I had thyroid problems which I had been told for years was not an issue. Nutritional supplements and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy have given me back my life instead of traditional medication that I was taking which caused me to be tired and extremely exhausted. I wanted to give this testimony in order that it may help someone else. Blue Cross & all other health insurance companies should be glad to cover these supplements and hormones as opposed to stuff that is killing you or not working at all.”

Glenda C. Tubner, LPN

“We wanted to describe our recent visit at your office for the Lasertyte procedure. The first thing we both agree on is that the effects of this procedure were immediate! We both noticed a slimming effect in our faces and necks. The skin around our eyes and mouths is tighter, and the wrinkles are much diminished!!! We had dinner with friends that same night, and the comments were all positive that somehow we looked younger!!! The next day one of Vickie’s friends came up to her and asked for the name and number for Dr. Wohlman! Both Dr. Wohlman and her staff were very attentive during the procedure, and paid special attention to our comfort! We intend to follow up with more treatments so that we can receive optimum results.”

Vickie and David

“Dr.Marla H. Wohlman recently performed the Lasertyte procedure on my face and neck and I am so pleased with the results! The procedure itself is very comfortable and actually quite relaxing, but the best part about it all is seeing immediate improvement. Tight, smooth, supple skin with a radiant glow…generated compliments at dinner the same evening! I highly recommend Dr. Marla H. Wohlman and Lasertyte.”

Rushan Smyth

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