Marla H. Wohlman, M.D.

What is LaserTyte?

LaserTyte is a revolutionary laser treatment which uses an FDA cleared laser to target the skin and dermis without the need for contact or surface cooling. This non-ablative procedure utilizes laser technology to deliver energy through the skin to deeply heat the dermal collagen, preferentially targeting water within the dermis. This results in the shrinkage of dermal tissues including skin, oil glands, skin pores and dermal blood vessels. The existing dermal collagen is contracted, while ormation of new dermal collagen is stimulated.

What areas can be treated?

LaserTyte treatments are safe for all skin colors and can be performed on any are of the body where skin rejuvenation and skin firmness is desired. You should consult with your physician regarding the treatment options that are best for you. Popular treatment areas for LaserTyte include the face, neck, decollete, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, as well as facial and body areas affected by acne and acne scarring. LaserTyte may also be used for adjunctive skin tightening if necessary following Liposculpture and/or Liposuction.

What results should I expect?

LaserTyte procedure results may vary from patient to patient. The LaserTyte procedure is often done in patients desiring a noninvasive approach to achieve noticeable improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, skin vessels, acne and acne scars, and it may take up to six months to achieve final results. The total number of LaserTyte procedures needed for each treatment area is mostly determined by the specific clinical indication for which the procedure is being performed, the age and skin condition of the individual being treated and ultimately the degree to which an individual’s clinically responds to treatments with LaserTyte.

How much does LaserTyte cost?

LaserTyte is available at Marla H. Wohlman, M.D. located in Millbrook, AL. The price for a LaserTyte TM treatment of the face and neck is $300 for 60,000 Joules of delivered laser energy. For the face and neck, several LaserTyte TM treatments will be needed at 2-3 week intervals for optimal results. Specific price quotes for other LaserTyte TM treatment areas will be provided to you during your complimentary consultation with us at Marla H. Wohlman, M.D. LaserTyte TM price quotes are based on the amount of laser energy in Joules delivered during each treatment session.


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