MARLA H. WOHLMAN, M.D.  INTRODUCES New Approach to Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

BTL Vanquish ME Technology Trims the Waistline without Downtime, Discomfort


For those struggling with a little extra padding around the abdomen Marla H. Wohlman, M.D. now offers a non-invasive treatment to precisely target heat into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin. Using the next generation BTL Vanquish ME, Dr. Marla Wohlman, provides patients attractive and natural body contours across the entire abdominal area without surgery or downtime.

“As more and more patients turn to non-invasive technologies to improve their facial appearance, it’s no surprise that fat reduction and body contouring have emerged as the next frontier in aesthetic medicine,” said Dr. Wohlman. “With the addition of BTL Vanquish ME, we now can offer an effective ‘waist whittler’ using the latest approach for reducing stubborn belly fat and love handles without surgery or downtime.”


While other systems use a point source of energy, Dr. Wohlman explains that BTL Vanquish ME creates a high-frequency energy field and employs a panel array to treat the entire core in one application. Providing a clinically proven and safe treatment option without touching the patient’s skin, the breakthrough BTL Vanquish ME surpasses earlier treatment options that require uncomfortable suction or labor-intensive applications. FDA-cleared for circumferential reduction of the waist, BTL Vanquish ME destroys resistant fat cells to achieve a beautifully contoured abdomen and trim waistline –minus the muffin tops or love handles.


“We strive to bring our patients the most advanced aesthetic technologies that meet their expectations not only for a natural looking result but also a favorable experience.  For these reasons, BTL Vanquish ME is an excellent option for women and men who lead a healthy lifestyle but find they can’t lose that extra fat or pouch around the abdomen,” said Dr. Wohlman. “Simply put, we want our patients to look and feel their best so they are confident and happy in life.”